We Demolish EP

by Messenger of the Covenant

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released September 20, 2012



all rights reserved


Messenger of the Covenant Fresno, California

Grizzly City Deathcore
Ricky - Vocals
Juan - Guitar
Joseph - Guitar
Dakota - Bass
Michael - Drums

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Track Name: Oppression
Track Name: We Demolish
I step back, take a breath, look into my eyes
Silenced by your pity you can't defend yourself
I'm riding what's left of your filthy conscious
No one can hear you scream
Tears stream down your face
I will end you all
Learn your fucking place
Absent minded thoughts lead to your own descent
Look inside your heart
And erase every ounce of hope you have left
Despair claims the earth and all will perish
The devil has my soul
I want him in control
Lend me your hand
I'll drag you down to hell
That's why we demolish
And this is what we do
Track Name: Rats Among Kings
We're living at the top of the world
Not caring for others but ourselves
Widespread violence against this broken world
We can not be stopped (x3)
Your kingdom is no more
Bow your head to your new leaders
This is the new world order (x2)
Now that your dreams have fallen
Your demise is in the palm of our hands
Once your empire is under our reign
Never again will the sun shine
You are all rats among king (x4)
Pledege your allegiance on your knees
Silencing your hopes and buried dreams
You can't resist the hand that feeds
Now give us your loyalty (x2)
I've worked so hard to preserve this dream
Preserve this dream
A false creed has brought you to your knees
Blindly led for your cowardice
For now you are nothing
Cower and cry as the world dies
We can't be stopped (x2)
Track Name: xWolfe Manorx
This is my life
Your poison won't consume me
I am drug free then, now, and forever
Straight Edge
Until the day I die
I've made this pledge to myself that I will never break
This vow is sacred to me and I will never stray
I have made this promise and I won't let it go
What is the point of living if I'm not in control?
My mind's forever clean
Clean from your filth
My life is precious to me
And I won't let it slip away
Drug fucking free
I value every breath I take,
But the world won't breathe with me
Drug fucking free
I value every word I say,
But the world won't listen to me
Drug fucking free
I am faithful
Track Name: The Conduit Is Closing
Our intelligence reaches the farthest stretches of the galaxy
We build you up to break you down
Your worthless world is nothing to all of us
Quarantine, isolate, exterminate
I will leave you no more than what you have left me
Give me your pleas I'll spit it back in your face
As you cower before my feet
You're all out of line
Much pain but there is still time
The conduit is closing
Whats your's has become mine
The conduit is closing
Our goals to decimate your planet have already begun
We reign fire from our unholy skies up above
This world was ours before you swine took it away from us
Your precious race won't be so pretty once you're reduced to dust
You're all just fucking flies in this game of life
We are the gods and you are all just our fucking puppets
We cannot stand to see your filth claim our sacred land
The existence of mankind will be erased
I am God
The conduit is closing